Major Savings on New Shutters

I received a really nice tip from a friend of mine who lives close by. She told me that an plantation shutters company was offering discounts on the purchase and installation of new shutters for a limited time. I had been waiting for a good reason to put some shutters on my windows, and this was as good of a time as any. I contacted the company and had them send someone to my home to measure the windows where the shutters would be installed. After that, it was as simple as picking out a color and style, and the company did the rest.

Just like my friend said, the company gave me a discount when they installed the shutters. I usually like to do things when there is some kind of discount or rebate involved. It was during a summer discount that I had gutter guards installed around my home. Before that installation, I would have to get up on the ladder and clean out the gutters by hand, which was no easy task. I’ve nearly fallen off the ladder countless times. Now I don’t have to do anything, as all of the leaves and pine straw just bounce off the gutter guards, leaving only the rain to flow through the gutters.

There’s a tree in my yard that has gotten way too big and I want to have it trimmed down, but I want to wait for a discount to get it done. As of right now, no company seems to be offering a discount for the service. I would try to cut the tree myself, but I don’t have a ladder long enough to reach the higher parts of the tree. Also, my pole saw can only go so far as well, and I don’t want to try to stretch it out and risk losing my balance.

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