Investing in Your Home is Important

My dad and my step mom would always take a lot of pride in their gardens and they would spend hours and hours outside and prune trees, pick up weeds, and also go and mulch. I was really happy to see that they were able to enjoy the garden before she passed away at the age of sixty. Now he is older and it is harder for him to take care of the garden all by himself. I knew that his plantation shutters were going to have to get stripped and painted over, so I offered to help him with that and he said that he would like me to work in the garden instead. The real estate agent told my dad that if they yard and garden looked good that it would be easier to sell the house. He has a coy pond and he has been feeding the fish for a long time. He said that he wanted to go and find someone that would take them.

My parents also used to paint their siding one side every summer. They said that it would keep the house looking fresh, and the wood siding would last many years longer because they said it would also seal in the paint. I wanted to be sure that the siding was good, so I had a friend come over and look at it. He told me that it was in great shape and that it should last many years more because of the maintenance of it. I learned a lot from my dad as he taught me that if you take time and put it into your house, then you will always have a place that you could be proud of, a place in this world that nobody could take from you once paid for.

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