Investing in Your Home is Important

My dad and my step mom would always take a lot of pride in their gardens and they would spend hours and hours outside and prune trees, pick up weeds, and also go and mulch. I was really happy to see that they were able to enjoy the garden before she passed away at the age of sixty. Now he is older and it is harder for him to take care of the garden all by himself. I knew that his plantation shutters were going to have to get stripped and painted over, so I offered to help him with that and he said that he would like me to work in the garden instead. The real estate agent told my dad that if they yard and garden looked good that it would be easier to sell the house. Continue reading

Major Savings on New Shutters

I received a really nice tip from a friend of mine who lives close by. She told me that an plantation shutters company was offering discounts on the purchase and installation of new shutters for a limited time. I had been waiting for a good reason to put some shutters on my windows, and this was as good of a time as any. I contacted the company and had them send someone to my home to measure the windows where the shutters would be installed. After that, it was as simple as picking out a color and style, and the company did the rest.

Just like my friend said, the company gave me a discount when they installed the shutters. I usually like to do things when there is some kind of discount or rebate involved. Continue reading